You can monitor the running status on the PC side. You can directly use your mobile phone to scan the QR code and monitor directly on the mobile phone. If necessary, you can remotely start or pause the miner. If mining is suspended due to the startup of a program in the whitelist, the reason for the suspension will be displayed here. If multiple currencies are mining at the same time, the mining information of different currencies will be displayed at the same time.
Second table is a list of all graphics cards in the computer, and you can view the operating status of each graphics card in real time; You can set the maximum temperature of the graphics card on the app. If the temperature of the graphics card exceeds the specified temperature, the graphics card will suspend mining until the temperature drops to a safe value.
Main interface
Client parameter configuration, You can scan qrcode to monitor
Log information interacting with the mining pool
Mobile phone monitoring interface
Graphics card details on mobile