About Ethminer

The Ethminer is an application to mining Ethereum cryptocurrency. It uses the powerful computing power of the graphics card to realize the mining of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and other cryptocurrencies based on the Ethereum algorithm.

Built-in proxy server, The Ethminer can run directly in China without VPN.

The Ethminer has optimized the performance for Internet cafes and game players, and added the program whitelist function. During the operation of the mining machine, once it detects that the computer has started the whitelisted program, the mining machine will automatically suspend mining. This function maximizes the smoothness of the programs in the whitelist without user intervention.

Provides a remote monitoring function of the local area network, you can remotely monitor the operation of the mining machine through a mobile phone or other computer; at the same time, you can also remotely start and temporarily determine the operation of the mining machine. By configuring the internal network mapping function of the router (or building an internal network penetration server by yourself), you can also realize remote monitoring of the external network, allowing you to control and monitor the mining machine outside.